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Wondering how to open a coffee shop? With our proven process, opening a coffee shop is easier than you think..


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Are you wondering how to open a coffee shop? With our proven-effective Seven Steps to Success process, opening a coffee shop is easier than you think. We’ll show you how to keep your coffee shop successful over the long term. black, and the stars had ceased to twinkle.


  • My daughter and I ate what I consider is the best Indian meal I have ever eaten. The food was excellent, especially the Narikel Duck. The service was discrete efficient. This restaurant is a cut above the average and I would wholehearted recommend without any reservations whatsoever. Good pricing too.

    Scott Mcleod

    Good Food

  • Happened to be passing through Shaftesbury on a Saturday evening looking for somewhere to eat. Found this place by accident. An excellent and original menu, great food, and fantastic service, all in a modern setting with good sub-continental but not pastiche music. We´ll definitely go again.

    Mandy Hale

    Great Taste

  • Chutneys was an absolute delight from its elegantly decorated and modern dining room to its attentive service and beautifully presented fresh-tasting food. The curries were beautifully spiced, the tandoori dishes tasty and succulent, the rices and breads perfectly light and fluffy. I loved this place.

    Bryant Mcgill

    The Food Awards

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